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How to “revive” dormant brain cells

Yesterday, you heard how even those minor “senior moments” might be the first signs of Alzheimer’s disease.

And you might be wondering…

“If it’s not just normal aging, what causes Alzheimer’s Disease in the first place?”

And that’s what I’d like to talk to you about today.

You see, most people think memory loss is a normal part of getting older.

However, that’s not true.

As I recently discovered, there’s a shocking, “hidden” cause of memory loss…

It’s something that’s ignored in most mainstream circles…

And it explains why Big Pharma still doesn’t have an answer for this dreaded disease.

Most importantly… it led me to discover a new “Brain Resurrection” process…

That can help you – or a loved one – begin to reverse Alzheimer’s and stop your memory loss.

Here, let me show you…

Take a look at these two images from a study on brain cells in a lab:

Image comparison showing how neurons in the brain go dormant over time

On the left, you’ll see a collection of brain cells called neurons.

These cells are responsible for holding onto old memories and making new ones.

But notice how it’s completely dark?

That means there’s almost no activity and – by all measures – these brain cells are completely dormant.

It’s like they’re “asleep.” These dormant cells can’t hold on to old memories or make new ones.

And if you’re over 60 and experiencing those “normal” senior moments…

If you have trouble concentrating, or suffer with brain fog…

Or if you’ve simply noticed your memory getting worse and worse...

Chances are, this is what your brain looks like.

But take a look at the picture on the right again:

Close up view of brain scan showing re-activated neurons

Believe it or not, this is a picture of those same “dormant” brain cells you saw a moment ago…

Just 48 hours after they went through the “Brain Resurrection” treatment you’re about to discover.

Can you see how much brighter they are?

That means they’ve been re-activated...

Able to make connectionsform new memories… and even help you remember those old “lost” memories you thought were gone.

It’s like they’ve been brought back to life!

Friend, this is completely revolutionary…

You don’t have to sit back and watch as your memories… and your sense of well-being… simply disappear.

For the first time in history, there’s actually a way to revive your brain cells

Which means we’re no longer talking about stopping or preventing memory loss…

But actually starting to reverse it…

Rescuing your brain – or the brain of a loved one – from the brink of death.

On Tuesday, April 16th, I’ll show you exactly how to “revive” your brain cells and start reversing Alzheimer’s disease.

In fact, it’s the first step in my new Brain Resurrection Protocol…

Which you’ll discover when you tune in to this live event.

I’m so excited to share this life-saving information with you.

So make sure you mark your calendar for Tuesday, April 16th at 1:00 PM so you don’t miss out.

Talk soon,

Dr. Glenn Rothfeld, MD

P.S. If you want to catch up on what you’ve missed, go here to check out the website my publisher set up with the past two days of content.

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