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Dr. Rothfeld's “Red Wine” Trick Revealed

As you heard yesterday, Phase 1 of this Alzheimer’s-reversing protocol revives your brain cells in 48 hours – bringing your aging brain back to life.

Today, I want to talk to you about Phase 2 of The Brain Resurrection Protocol.

See, once you “revive” those dormant brain cells, there’s one more thing you need to truly start reversing Alzheimer’s disease.

Not only that, but this second step has the power to improve your memory by 300%.

Want to see how?

It starts with something in your brain known as beta amyloid plaque.

If you’re especially health savvy, you’ve probably heard how beta amyloid plaque “clogs” your brain and destroys your memories.

But scientists recently discovered an extract in red wine that flushes amyloid plaque from your brain…

Reversing Alzheimer’s disease and improving your memory by 300%.

Yes, you read that right…

This secret to reversing Alzheimer’s… and improving your memory… comes from a rare extract found in red wine.

Impossible? I thought so too…

But these results were confirmed in a study published in the Journal of Neuroscience.

First, doctors gave this rare extract to 23 healthy patients.

At the beginning of the study, doctors put them through a mental evaluation…

Testing their recall – the ability to remember random information from a list…

And learning ability – the ability to pick up new information.

Then, after a few months, doctors tested their mental powers again.

And the people taking Japanese Knotweed reported a drastic improvement in their memory.


A major improvement in learning ability – meaning, they had an easier time picking up new skills.

As you may know, this is one of the first things to go when you get Alzheimer’s disease…

So restoring the ability to learn new information was a huge step forward.

But patients also saw a huge improvement in recall

Which means they could remember faces, names, dates, and appointments – even easier than before and without having to write anything down.

In fact, compared to the group taking a placebo…

This “red wine” extract improved memory by 300%!

Now you might be thinking the solution is as simple as adding a couple glasses of red wine to your nightly routine.

But while I definitely support drinking a glass or two with dinner…

As a medical doctor, I can’t recommend you start guzzling bottles of red wine every night.

Plus, in order to get the full Alzheimer’s-reversing effects of red wine, studies show you’d need to drink over 1,000 bottles on a daily basis.

That’s not only harmful to your health, it’s impossible.

Tune in to this live event and I’ll show you an easier, more powerful way to get all the memory-boosting effects of red wine.

Remember: the event starts right at 1:00 PM on Tuesday, April 16th.

I don’t want you to miss out – so make sure you mark your calendar and show up right at 1:00 PM.

Until then,
Dr. Glenn Rothfeld, MD

P.S. If you missed the prior emails with the 1st step to my Alzheimer’s-reversing breakthrough, you can go here now to catch up before the live event.

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